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The Parish Council administers three allotment sites.  A traditional allotment garden is 250 sq.m. (10 rods or poles) which was the area deemed necessary to grow enough produce to feed a family for a year. Over the years, as allotment gardening became more of a leisure activity, rather than a necessity, plots have been sub-divided to enable more people to participate in this enjoyable activity. The size of the plots available on our sites now vary from 65 sq.m to 287 sq.m.

The three allotment sites administered by the Parish Council are at:

Cherry Orton Road

A fenced site with water and parking area. There are 34 plots varying in size from 65 sq.m. to 287 sq.m.


A fenced site with water and a parking area. There are 37 plots  varying in size from 84 sq.m. to 266 sq.m.

Wyman Way

The oldest of our allotment sites situated on part of an area of Common land. An unfenced site with water. There are presently 13 plots (with ability to expand to 21 plots should demand warrant). The plots vary in size from 69 sq.m. to 250 sq.m.


At the Parish Council meeting on  20th June 2018 a new Allotment Tenancy Agreement was adopted with the following rules relating to bonfires:

  • Controlled fires are permitted only on the Cherry Orton Road and Gostwick allotment sites between the 1st of October until 31st March, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between the hours of 1.00 pm and 6.00 pm.
  • Consideration must be given to the wind direction when lighting a bonfire; that it is not blowing directly over neighboring properties and that there is sufficient breeze or wind to swiftly carry the smoke away.
  • All fires must be in a suitable container, i.e. Incinerator, Metal drum, wire cage or a brick unit built for that purpose.
  • Only allotment garden waste may be burnt.
  • All bonfires must be supervised at all times and extinguished before the tenant leaves the site.
  • Any bonfire complaints reported to the Parish Council will be monitored by the Clerk and the Parish Council may review the rules on bonfires on Parish Council allotment sites.

For information about the availability of allotment plots please contact the allotments manager – who is:
Alison Brown
Tel: 01733 346483
e-mail: clerk@ortonwaterville-pc.gov.uk

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Much information about allotment gardening is given on the website of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners –  HERE