Councillors of the Orton Waterville Parish Council

The council members are local people from many walks of life with a common goal of working together to improve life for parishioners.

Following the recent changes to the warding system in our parish there are now only two wards; Goldhay East Ward, for which Roger Proudfoot is your councillor, and Waterville Ward, which all other councillors represent.

Chair of the Parish Council – Cllr Jenny Farnham.

Vice-Chair of the Parish Council – Cllr Trevor Rouse.

Councillor Jenny Farnham

Chair of the Parish Council and Councillor

For over 30 years Jenny has been a governor of Ormiston Bushfield…

Councillor Trevor Rouse

Vice Chair of the Parish Council and Councillor

Cllr Rouse was born in Portsmouth and qualified as a…

Councillor Matthew Barrows


Cllr Barrows has lived in Peterborough since 2004 and moved…

Councillor Michael Chambers


Originally from Chester  Cllr Chambers obtained an economics degree from…

Councillor Samuel Dallimore


Cllr Dallimore moved to Peterborough from London in 1988 after…

Councillor Brenda Fearon


Cllr Fearon was born in Northumberland and has lived in…

Councillor Judith Goode


Cllr Goode has lived and worked in the Ortons for…

Councillor Julie Howell


Julie dedicates herself full-time to working in her community. She…

Councillor Kirsty Knight


Cllr Knight has 3 small children and enjoys being a…

Councillor Joanne Piercy


Cllr Piercy was born in and has lived in Peterborough…

Councillor Dr Dharshana Sridhar


Cllr Dr Sridhar is a geneticist and medical doctor who…

Councillor Barry Warne


Originally from Kent, Cllr Warne has lived in the parish…

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Councillor Roland Pickett

Parish Councillor

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Parish Council Clerk

Prior to becoming Clerk to the parish council Alison had spent…